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Pearls: The One Accessory That Will Make Any Outfit Look Ten Times Better

Pearls are one of the oldest and most popular types of jewellery through the ages. It has always been associated with vintage and classic. It gives an air of elegance to the wearer and is perfect for every occasion. In the past, pearls have always been worn during special events only by common people. On the other hand, it also became a symbol for wealth and is often worn by those with high social status. Thankfully, in our modern world, anyone can basically wear pearl jewellery and at any time of day as well in various outfits. Pearl jewelleries have become casual jewellery which basically matches any outfit and accentuates the outfit to look better, more classy, chic and elegant at the same time. The wide variety of outfits that matches and is made better by these types of jewelleries makes owning pearls a certain necessity.

Let’s find out which type of pearl jewellery best fits some of the most prevalent outfits we have.

Casual Outfits

Double strand pearl necklaces would make a perfect statement if you are planning on wearing a simple outfit like your everyday black shirt and skinny jeans. This definitely makes the outfit look trendier. However, if you are planning on wearing a patterned top or something more colorful like a sundress, a single strand pearl necklace would definitely complete the outfit. It gives an air of classiness and elegance while maintaining a casual look.

With casual outfits, simple is always better when it comes to your jewelleries and accessories. Say for example you are wearing a pair of pearl earrings; a simple gold chain necklace will be the perfect pair. Do not over compensate on accessories, otherwise the focus will no longer be on your pearls and the entire set of accessories will just look plain cheap or worst, mismatched. Short pearl necklaces are always recommended if you are still trying to discover your own fashion statement. At times, you can even wear more than one of different lengths at the same time.

It is totally up to you to discover then mix and match it with your casual outfits.

Formal Outfits

If you want to compliment your evening attire with pearls, you can actually choose from a variety of colors which are equally elegant. One of the sassiest trends these days for both your day and evening gown is layering. Classic white is popular but there are also the colorful variety such as the Tahitian pearl which could range from charcoal black to gray, green and blue with shimmering overtones of silver and gold as well as blue and pink.

As for pearl earrings, the long ones are the most popular these days. Classic white and yellow gold colors are usually perfect matches in making your evening gown look even more elegant and sophisticated.

A simple bangle pearl bracelet will be perfect but layering it could also be more stylish.

Business Attires

Since pearl often gets associated with elegance and sophistication, it has been becoming a real trend in offices. This gives off a timeless aura and somewhat boosts the confidence of the wearer. It could easily match almost every corporate attire you might have. Stud pearl earrings would be a great choice for everyday use. On the other hand, if you want a stylish and polished look, a single strand pearl necklace would be perfect. Do note though that when worn at the office, it should never fall past the bust line. It should complete your posh look but not overpower your overall look.

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Ashley Oliver