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Motivating Yourself To Succeed In Business

You’ve got an idea for your business. Maybe it’s a million-dollar idea. Most business ideas that end up being even remotely feasible could be turned into a million-dollar idea with the right tweaking. So you start out, gung-ho, to set the world on fire and get your idea off the ground. Then BAM! It happens. Your first obstacle.

You try this, and then you try that; you try to go around it, up it, over it, through it, but nothing is working and you’ve just about given up hope. You’re ready to throw in the towel. You hate to just walk away, but yet you’re so down and out about it now that you just don’t see any other way.

Maybe you’ve faced a situation like this before, and ended up failing. We’ve all probably been there at one time or another. Even Thomas Edison said that he “failed his way” to success. It’s the rare individual who makes it big on his first business deal. No baseball player learns to hit a homer on his first time at bat, so why should we think we’re any different? It takes hard work and perseverance to succeed at any task, especially if it’s in a new area for us.

And for most of us, being in business is a new area for us indeed.

So instead of getting all down-in-the-mouth about the obstacle facing you, decide – no, DETERMINE – that you’re going to beat it. Look outside of your own little world for examples of how others have beaten the same obstacle. Every business out there that is successful, even if they’re in a totally different field, has probably faced an obstacle similar to yours. And you can be certain that businesses in the same or similar field you’re in have faced obstacles similar, if not exactly the same, as the one now facing you.

If your obstacles are more of an inner nature, and not from an external source, you might need to plug into some of the personal motivational stuff that abounds these days. Try looking at stuff from Norman Vincent Peal, Zig Ziglar, or Tony Robbins.

These guys have all made careers out of teaching people how to motivate themselves and bootstrap out of a trying situation.

But you must first DETERMINE that you’re going to win. Think of the door-to-door salesman. He knocks on a lot of doors, and most lead to nowhere, but he knows that numbers are on his side. It’s a statistical game – some of those doors will open up, and you never know which of those will lead to the sale. So the lesson from them would be that YOU CAN NEVER STOP TRYING!

Till next time…Success to you!

Post Author
Ashley Oliver